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생일에 빠질 수 없는 생일케이크! 감사해요~ 케이크 앞에서 한 컷 찰칵.

[trans] Can’t miss out on this during a birthday - the birthday cake! Thank you! One cut in front of the cake. Click~


from us at fyeahilwoo, happy birthday to our Ilwoo ^^ we wish you all the happiness and the very best in everything you do, and you are always in our hearts!

사랑하는 일우님~ 오랜만이죠? >.< 생일축하드려유!! 항상 건강하시고 행복하세요^^ 일우님 화이팅!
♥ @actorjungilwoo

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Just kidding! He’s talking about the Domino’s Happy Pizza Shirt & Shoes Auction, as I’ve dubbed it. His delivery is so… hearty!

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"Share Love" Charity Event with Actor Jung Il Woo


On August 19, 2012 over a hundred fans had the pleasure of spending their Sunday with Actor Jung Il Woo at the Andro Meda Cafe located in Gangnam. The event ran for 3 hours (2-5pm), although many fans arrived much earlier than that to ensure they received a ticket.

I arrived at 1:15pm and was already the 61st person in line! We were lucky that the staff had prepared a sort of tent right outside the cafe to shade us from the sun, though the extreme humidity was tough on all of us.

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what a great fan account by our friend seoulandi! and what a day. how we wish we could have been there :( 

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fyeah! IL WOO 정일우: fyeahilwoo is on hiatus :(

Aw, I am sorry to hear that. I feel like we all compliment each other in our efforts to support Il-woo, and I hope that by the time we all hear news of a new project, maybe you’ll be able to be back in the groove again!

thank you so much, this is incredibly sweet :) and it makes it so much harder for us to have to be on hiatus, sigh. we can’t wait to be back in the groove too! 

keep the Ilwoo flag flying high for us ;)

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an upcoming charity event with Ilwoo!
for detailed tweets from Ilwoo, check out the post on werqjungilwoo!

an upcoming charity event with Ilwoo!

for detailed tweets from Ilwoo, check out the post on werqjungilwoo!

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fyeahilwoo is on hiatus :(

it is with a heavy heart that that we announce that fy!iw has to go on a forced hiatus until further notice.

this has been an incredibly busy season and we have not been able to regularly maintain the site due to heavy real life schedules. as many of you know, we pride ourselves on providing up-to-date information and translations (where necessary) on Ilwoo and his activities. it has been increasingly challenging to manage the site on a daily basis, though, and we feel terrible that we have not been able to meet our followers’ expectations.

we are thankful for the other fansites that are more consistent (and have already been) filling in the gaps, so do support them on Tumblr and on Twitter:

Twitter: @ilwoostory , @ilwoostoryjapan , @JungilwooCom , @JIW_CNFansworld , @jdcilwoo , @jungilwooID and of course @actorjungilwoo!

Tumblr: /werqjungilwoo , /jfrog , (and quite a few more that don’t come to mind right now - but we love you guys too!)

a shout out to our Indonesian friends as well - they are amazing with their updates! find them at http://jungilwooindonesia.wordpress.com/ :)

we are keen to consider admins to keep the site going, do email us at fyeahilwoo at gmail dot com if you are interested and tell us abt yourself, your experience with websites/fansites, your level of Korean understanding (v. important - esp for translation work!), and your commitment (e.g if you’re able to post every day).

thank you again for all the support and love you have shown Ilwoo, and to us at fy!iw over these past two years (our anniversary is in two weeks…). we hope to come back better in the future.

with love and gratitude,
fy!iw webmiss

pictures of Ilwoo on the Japanese fanclub site (and that second picture is love!)

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pictures of Ilwoo on the Japanese fanclub site

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Banners on the Ilwoo’s Japanese fan club site

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