@actorjungilwoo for Holika Day

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how cute is this!

how cute is this!

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…and apparently he even sparkles in the sunlight! 

(he couldn’t be a distant relative of a certain… Cullen?)

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TVCF에서 보기

@actorjungilwoo for Doritos! (via @catzooly / @jdcilwoo)


Thank you to the quick thinker on dcilwoogall who snapped these with a cell phone cam off their TV.

I wonder if he actually bites into the chip in the CF since these stills only show him holding it near his lips. A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips!

He really needs to advertise something I might believe he’d really use, like toothpaste. :)

woohoo! it’s been a while since we’ve seen @actorjungilwoo in a TV ad.. and now here he is in a Doritos ad! :D can’t wait for it to be available on youtube! -fy!iw webmiss

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Cha Chi Soo at his finest :)

Cha Chi Soo at his finest :)

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another Holika Holika event poster featuring @actorjungilwoo

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to celebrate the addtion of @actorjungilwoo as Holika Holika’s newest male model, the brand has a 50% off event till tomorrow (April 30th)! go go go!

'Let's make the woman Jung Il Woo wants to have~!'

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another Holika Holika banner featuring @actorjungilwoo

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[news] Holika Holika makes an error in @actorjungilwoo’s name

@Holikaholika_EP has just issued an apology statement through their Twitter page:

hello, this is a blog rep from @HolikaHolika_EP. there has been an error in @ActorJungilwoo’s name on the makeup banner/poster. we apologise to fans and to @actorjungilwoo, and we’ll correct this as soon as possible. sorry and thank you.

we have not seen the mistake ourselves.. but it’s good of HH to publish this apology so quickly. (and even on a weekend too!) -fy!iw webmiss

[edit] tsk tsk, error found:

clearly, this is NOT the lead singer of CNBLUE. =\ [/edit]

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