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‘Relaxing times’ of our Flower Boys during the film shooting. Kyuopta!!

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The many facial expressions of Cha Chi Soo

The many facial expressions of Cha Chi Soo

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behind the scenes with the FBRS boys

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@actorjungilwoo’s interview with TV Report (via @ilwoostory)


[trans] @actorjungilwoo’s Twitter Q&A, 24th Nov 2011

hey all! sorry we didn’t get this up earlier - things have been quite busy over here >.<

here’s the translations from Ilwoo’s surprise Q&A held on twitter a few days ago! enjoy!

-fy!iw webmiss


11월24일 깜짝 이벤트. 드라마 꽃미남라면가게. 촤 ~ 에 대해 궁금하신거나. 드라마 관련 질문 해주시면. 성심 성의껏 답변해드릴께요. 시간이 되는대로^^ 딱 오늘 하루. Start.

A surprise event on Nov 24th. If you have any questions about the drama Flower Boy Ramen Shop, or Cha~, now’s the time to ask them. I’ll answer as honestly and sincerely as I can. As soon as we can, just for today. Start.

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곧 밝혀지겠지만…. 콧물 나올까봐?? ^^“@boo_rrrrr: @ActorJungilwoo 촤는 왜 우는여자를 싫어해요?”

Q: Why does Cha hate girls who cry?
A: It will be revealed soon… but maybe he’s afraid of mucus?


촤가 좋아하는 차는…. 앙뚜아네뜨 차? ^^ 조크에요! “@boo_rrrrr: @ActorJungilwoo 촤는 무슨 차를 좋아해요? 녹차홍차?”

Q: What kind of tea does Cha like? Green tea or red tea?
A: Cha’s favourite tea is… Antoinette ‘cha’ (the name of his car on the show)?^^ Jokes!


그건 정일우와 차치수는 하나이기때문에. 정일우 취향을 따른것일뿐..^^ “@BlubirdK: @ActorJungilwoo 왜 크리드 향수만 써요? 설정이에요? ㅋㅋ”

Q: Why do you only use Creed perfumes? Is it a must?
A: It’s because both Jung Il Woo and Cha Chi Soo are one. It’s according to Jung Il Woo’s taste/preference.


은비라면??^^ “@hyejin119: @ActorJungilwoo 촤~는 무슨라면을 제일 좋아하나요~^ㅇ^”

Q: If Cha~ does anything, it is the best~
A: If Eunbi does it?? ^^


예고편 보시면 될것같아요..^^ “@helloimgahyun: @ActorJungilwoo 다음주방송쪼금만알려주세요!! 궁금해 죽겠어 ㅠㅠ”

Q: I want to know about next week’s episode!! I’m so curious to death ㅠㅠ
A: You could watch the trailer to find out..^^


헐….“@sweety_juwon: @ActorJungilwoo 촤~뭘믿고~~대사왤케잘까먹니?”

Q: Cha~ Do you believe~ [haha and we can’t translate the rest, sorry >.< -fy!iw]
A: Hmm….


세계정복? 촤 세상만들기 프로젝트? “@97RaN_G: @ActorJungilwoo 촤는 꿈이 머에요??o(^▽^)o”

Q: What’s Cha’s dream?
A: To conquer the world? Cha’s World Domination project?


네 그런가봐요.. 정말 점이 예뻐서.. “@sssun_s2: @ActorJungilwoo 촤~는 정말 은비의 점이 예뻐서 예쁘다고 하는건가요~?~?”

Q: Does Cha really think Eun Bi’s mole is so pretty, that it makes her pretty too?
A: Yes, I suppose.. the mole is really pretty…


뽀로로는 내 친구. “@sumin0221: @ActorJungilwoo 촤는 뽀로로를 좋아하나요?ㅋㅋ”

Q: Does Cha like Pororo? Keke
A: Pororo is my friend.


작가님께 말씀해주세요.. ^^ “@hyunmoyangcheo: @ActorJungilwoo 8화 마지막에 강혁셰프의 요리코너가 있었는데 치수군편도 있나요?”

Q: At the end of episode 8, Chef Kang Hyuk had a cooking corner, so will Chi Soo also have one too?
A: Please tell the writers..^^


mnet japan 에서 1월에 방송 예정인걸로 알고있습니다. “@guitar_heaven: @ActorJungilwoo 언제 드라마가 일본에서 방송되는지 알고 있습니까? 빨리보고 싶어요!”

Q: Do you know when the drama will air in Japan? I want to see it soon!
A: I’ve heard that it will air on Mnet japan in January.


여러분들의 사랑..^^ “@Belluajin: @ActorJungilwoo 촤 덕분에 배우가 얻은 게 있다면 뭘까요^^”

Q: What has the actor gained because of Cha^^
A: Everyone’s love.. ^^


입이 돌아갈것같아요.. ^^ “@JINs890719: @ActorJungilwoo 겨울에 오픈카 타는 기분은?????”

Q: How does it feel to drive a convertible in winter?
A: I think I need to get my lips back.. ^^


치수는 족욕을 하지않을까 생각합니다.. “@hyejin119: @ActorJungilwoo 촤사장은 왜 맨날 반신욕해요? 촤~는 안하나>_<?”

Q: Why is President Cha always in the spa? Does Cha approve?
A: Chi Soo didn’t think it was going to be a foot bath…

(not very well translated, sorry >.< -fy!iw)


조금 이따 트위터에서 만나요. 굿나잇.

It was nice to meet on Twitter for a short while. Good night.



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patience is a virtue ^^

patience is a virtue ^^

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hahaha :)


hahaha :)

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