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“你好,我是丁一宇。。。我爱你们。” (Hello, I’m Jung Il Woo… I love you all.)

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I think this blurb means that Jung Il Woo is being interviewed and making a follow-up appearance to his “ramyun chef” FBRS DVD promotion on this Japanese show May 3?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE how natural he looks in these pictures.

How many times are they going to make the poor man do the Cha Chi Soo wink, though? :D

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@actorjungilwoo on a Holika Holika ad - most likely as Cha Chi Soo though!

@actorjungilwoo on a Holika Holika ad - most likely as Cha Chi Soo though!


[article/trans] @actorjungilwoo & FBRS in Trendy Magazine #34

it seems that most recently, wherever Big Bang is, there our Ilwoo will also be (just check out our ePOP article translation post)!

Jung Il Woo and the cast of Flower Boy Ramen Shop are featured in Trendy Magazine #34, with Big Bang/Park Jung Min on the cover, and featuring Boyfriend, B.A.P, Teen Top, 2PM and KARA, just to name a few (because there are lots to name)!

FLOWER BOY RAMYUN SHOP - bringing a satisfying love
Warming your stomach, and warming your heart even more, this hearty comedy/drama will be airing in Taiwan soon… 

Read on for the rest of the translated article (and please excuse the low-res pictures!).

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A few previously unseen angles of Chef!Ilwoo and his fans from the Japanese Flower Boy Ramyun Shop DVD release event. By now we know - echoed in the article that accompanies these pictures - that he brought his grandmother’s soy sauce with him from home to make the recipe, that his mother helped him with food prep hours earlier, and that his sister made his apron based on his mother’s design!

When I read the interview translated, I confess my first reaction was: OMG HOW NERVOUS WILL THE GIRL BE WHO JUNG IL WOO FINALLY BRINGS HOME TO MEET HIS FAMILY? How amazing will she have to be to pass muster with the formidable women in his life?

that will be quite a feat, indeed!

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@actorjungilwoo featured in Yahoo! PH article ‘Five Hot Young Korean Actors’

If you saw the drama “Pure Love” or “49 Days,” you know who Jung Il Woo is. Jung Il Woo (24) played the role of the “Scheduler” in “Pure Love” and promptly took the thunder away from many of the main stars. With his comical charm, acting chops, and sheer good looks, Jung Il Woo won the hearts of many female fans. The hot young actor also starred in other successful dramas including “The Return of Iljimae,” “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop” and “The Moon that Embraces the Sun.” Jung Il Woo is also known as Lee Min Ho’s best friend. Can you just imagine the “hotness” overload when those two are together?!

Check out the rest of the article HERE, which also features Lee Min Ho, Kim Soo Hyun, Yoo Seung Ho and Yoon Si Yoon!

Flower Boy, Ramyun Shop

the first look at the one who made hearts bubble over…

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Jung Il Woo appearing at an Apr. 12 event celebrating the release of the Flower Boy Ramyun Shop DVD box sets in Japan. The comedy is going to have a run on Japanese broadcast (not cable) TV weekday mornings starting in mid-June.

Because it’s not enough that he’s intelligent, sweet, hardworking, talented and smoking hot, he’s cooking! WAE SO PERFECT, BB?

thanks for sharing! he’s still in Japan! nice.

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