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True dat ^^

True dat ^^

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Flower Boy Ramyun Shop” - Woo Brothers

super cute!! ^^

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I don’t know what reality is anymore.


First in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

Then 49 Days

Then The Return of Iljimae

Then Unstoppable High Kick!

Now The Moon that Embraces the Sun

Seriously…There’s no cure to this illness..He’s just so…so…


(this is reali-T - hehe. you’ll get it if you watch Gag Concert ;)

but yes, this is reality. just gotta roll with it ;) that’s why we’re all here!)

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isn’t he the cutest? :)

he looks like he was in the middle of a ‘peekaboo’! ;)

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look what we found being pirated at a DVD shop! >.<

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Flower Boy Ramyun Shop - Episode 11 

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very nice! this should be made big enough for desktop wallpaper :)

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Wait, wait. So… An old student, a dongseng you know, a husband and a boyfriend. You all live in the same household?” - Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

This was an awkward… yet awesome moment! ^^

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&gt;.&lt; (certainly not easy to love, this Cha)

>.< (certainly not easy to love, this Cha)

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