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Ilwoo’s Twitter, 11th Jan 2011

[trans] @actorjungilwoo: 첫 촬영. 아자아자 화이팅.

First filming. Aja aja hwaiting.

all the best, Ilwoo-nim! Fighting~ -fy!iw


the cast of The Moon That Embraces The Sun at the show’s press conference in Yeouido, 2nd Jan 2012 (pics via @fantagiogroup)


[trans] 1월 2일 1시, 여의도에서 열리는 <해를 품은 달> 제작발표회!^^ 큐피터는 지금 현장에 나와있답니다. 팬들께서 쌀을 정말 많이 보내주셨네요^_^♡

The press conference for  'The Moon That Embraces The Sun' is held at Yeouido on 2nd Jan at 1pm! We have now arrived at the venue. The fans have given so much rice in support of this! ^_^ 

-MBCnest’s Twitter, 2nd Jan 2011


Ilwoo’s Twitter, 1st Jan 2012

[trans] @actorjungilwoo: Happy new year!!!!!!! 오랜만이죠 여러분 ? 2012년이네요 윽. 시간이 빨리 지나가는게 이젠 전혀 즐겁지가않네요^^;; 전 요즘 ‘해를 품은달’ 양명으로 열심히 변신중입니다. 기대해주시구요. 2012년도 아자아자 화이팅^^

Happy new year!!!!!!! It’s been a while, huh? It’s now 2012. Time goes by so quickly that it’s not funny anymore^^;; I’m now working hard to transition into the character Yang Myeong in ‘The Moon That Embraces The Sun.’ Please look forward to it. Aja aja hwaiting in 2012^^

Us here at fy!iw wish you success in your new project, Ilwoo-nim! 새해 복 많이 받으세용~~

-fy!iw webmiss


Ilwoo’s Twitter, 22nd Dec 2011

[trans] @actorjungilwoo: 공현진선배님의 씨네타운 라디오에 출연했습니다. 여러분 조금 이따 만나요^^

I was on Gong Hyun Jin sunbae’s Cine Town Radio show. I’ll meet everyone on it soon^^

(looks like it was the one that he appeared in below! -fy!iw webmiss)


[trans] @actorjungilwoo: 곧 크리스마스죠? 일우 산타가 곧 갈테니까. 기다려 기다려 기다려 기다려. 난 스케쥴러가 아니야~ 난 산타 클로스~ 사실… 나야.. 촤~ 

it’s Christmas soon, right? Santa is coming to Ilwoo soon. waiting waiting waiting waiting. i’m not the Scheduler~ i’m Santa Claus~ but really… I am… Cha~

-Ilwoo’s Twitter, 22nd December 2011


@actorjungilwoo’s Twitter, 14.12.11

[trans] @actorjungilwoo: 내 귓가에 울리는 장국영- 월량대표아적심. 또 내 마음을 흔드는구나.

Leslie Cheung is ringing in my ears. ‘The Moon Represents My Heart’. My heart is also quivering.


@actorjungilwoo’s Twitter, 14.12.11

[trans] @actorjungilwoo: 모든게 시작하면 끝이 있는법인데.. 또 끝이보이면, 새로운 시작이 나를 기다리고있다. 또 시작이구나. 난 매번 시작이야. 초심으로 돌아가자.

If I could, I’d avoid the end every time I start… but I see a new beginning waiting for me at the end. Starting again. I’m always starting. Let’s go back to the start.

(our boy is feeling pensive)


[trans] @actorjungilwoo: 촤~~ 잘가!!!! 촬영 끝!!!! 감사합니다 여러분. 사랑해요 알러뷰!!!!! 좋은 작품으로 인사드릴께요!!!! 사랑합니다. 나야 촤~ 예쁘네????

Cha~ Goodbye!!! The end of filming!!! Thank you everyone. Saranghaeyo I love you!!!!! I will greet you with another good work! I love you. It’s me, Cha~ Pretty, no????

-Ilwoo’s Twitter, 15th Dec 2011

(aww… take care Chi Soo-yah! good to have Ilwoo back again ;))


Ilwoo’s Twitter, 2nd Dec 2011

[trans] @actorjungilwoo: 내가 쓴글 어디로갔지? 내 글 내놔. 트위터야!!!!

Where did the post I wrote go? Give me my post. Twitter-yah!!!!!

(aww poor guy!)